• Compact Explosion-proof Unit Heater

    Indeeco’s Compact explosion-proof unit heater is designed with both size and economy in mind. The Compact design offers the most economical solution for heating small Class I, Group D hazardous areas. It is a cost effective alternative to the use of explosion-proof convection heaters.

  • Component Heating Elements

    Indeeco offers many types of component heaters to the Marine Industry as well as replacement heating elements for Indeeco duct type heaters. These components are unique to Marine application as they are designed and fabricated in-house to meet your needs.

  • Cooling Tower Heaters

    Indeeco offers American made cooling tower heaters that available with copper elements and brass fitting or stainless steel elements with stainless steel fitting. All heaters include a cast NEMA 4 terminal enclosure.

  • Cooling Tower Panels

    Indeeco Cooling Tower Control Panels offer a lower installation cost by reducing individually mounted temperature and liquid level control devices with one pre-engineered and assembled control package.

  • Fluid Heating Equipment

    With complete in-house facilities to manufacture pressure vessels, immersion heaters, sheet metal enclosures and electronic controls, Indeeco offers a complete line of heater-control packages for water, oil, and other fluids.

  • Process Skid Heating

    When providing electric heaters for skid-mounted process systems, the critical needs are custom design capabilities and the flexibility to deliver under time constraints. Indeeco is an industry leader in meeting those tests.

  • Refrigeration Defrost Heaters

    Electric defrosting of coils and evaporator pans for commercial refrigeration equipment. May be clamped to pipes or tanks to promote drainage and prevent freezing.

  • Sloped Top Convector

    Indeeco Commercial Marine Sloped Top Convectors are available with the same electrical ratings and physical dimensions as their Mil-Spec counterparts and may also be provided with complete built-in controls to allow for a single point electrical connection.

  • Tank Heating

    Indeeco Electric Storage Tank Heaters are used to maintain or raise the temperature of gases and fluids in tanks from -300°F to 1000°F for a variety of applications and industries.

  • Triad Washdown/Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater

    The Indeeco Triad stainless steel construction with non-metallic NEMA 4X enclosure can be hosed down for cleaning in dirty, wet and corrosive marine applications. Triad unit heaters are UL listed, File #E97759(n), meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements and are ABS approved.

  • Type T Convector

    The Type T (turrett) construction per MIL-H-22663 has no built-in controls. The new Navy design, per NAVSEA document #59512-BS-MMA-010 includes both a built-in manual reset over temperature cutout and a thermostat. Heaters are also available with a complete built-in control package to eliminate the need for remote contactors and transformers.

  • Vent Duct Heaters

    As long time leaders in this field, we fabricate all essential components …right through to final assembly and testing. We make our own finned tubular elements, weld and fabricate the sheet metal frames, and manufacture the electronic controls.

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