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Case Studies

Air Handling Manufacturer

A U.S. based, global leader of air conditioning systems had limited options for electric heat compared to their competition, resulting in loss of market share. After several costly, time consuming and ultimately failed attempts to expand their offering with their existing supplier of electric heat, they reached out to Indeeco. Indeeco designs and manufacturers custom...
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Reverse Osmosis: Water Preheat

In 2015, Burns and McDonnell contracted with Indeeco to build two process heating systems to be installed in large energy plants located in the US. The heating systems were installed at the supply stream of service water to the Reverse Osmosis equipment, which would enable continuous full capacity of demineralized water production during colder ambient...
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Why the Circulation Heater Design You Specify Matters

Electric circulation heaters offer an efficient, economical means of heating water, oil, air or other liquids and gases. Careful planning and attention to heating requirements are essential to ensure that the heater you select will provide optimal performance for your application and offer years of trouble-free operation. Selecting the proper watt density, or rate of...
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Switchgear Heating Solutions

A leading global manufacturer of switchgear enclosures and equipment was having issues with condensation inside their enclosures, and they needed a solution to resolve the issue and protect the electrical components from “shorting out”. They needed to figure out a way to maintain an internal ambient temperature that would prevent condensation, without substantially raising the...
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Gas Turbine Superheated System

A natural gas fueled turbine for electric power generation requires the natural gas to be free of liquids. The gas must be superheated a minimum of 50ºF to ensure that it is 100% free of liquids. This process is often called last chance filtering. Electric circulation heaters can be used to provide the necessary heat...
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10 Tips for Selecting Process Air Heaters

As seen in Process Heating, September, 2002 There are 10 major factors one should consider when deciding between open coil, finned tubular and tubular heater construction types for process heaters. Within these ten factors, the first four are key. If one heater type dominates these four considerations with its benefits, chances are it’s the right...
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Power Plant Emissions Control

A coal fired electric generating station required a system for the removal of mercury, sulfur and particulate emissions from flue gases. The removal process requires makeup water to be maintained at a minimum of 65ºF to ensure proper slaking of anhydrous lime to produce slurry for a flue gas desulphurization process. Design Requirements A total...
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Above Ground Storage Tank

Above ground Storage Tanks are usually installed outdoors which can lead to problems when the product viscosity is affected by colder temperatures. The solution is to add a heater to warm the product and maintain a free flowing viscosity. In 1998 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruled that owners of Underground Storage Tanks must conform...
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High Pressure and Temperature Nitrogen Heating

A rocket launching facility in Southern California required a nitrogen heating system as part of their pre‐launch procedure. The system required circulation heaters that could handle high pressure and temperature nitrogen. The heaters and control panels needed to be rated for outdoor use and be suitable for use in a Class 1, Division 1, Groups...
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Electric Radient Panel Heating

A school district decision to use Indeeco Electric Radiant Heating was driven by its physiology to provide the best environment for its students to learn it. Located in a rapidly developing portion of southeastern Johnson County, in the center of the Kansas City metropolitan area, with more than 20,000 students and 31 schools, the Blue...
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Electric Unit Heaters for Hazardous Areas

We may not always be aware of the potential for fire or explosion in areas which we occupy on regular bases. We can easily identify the potential hazards of gasoline and solvents but flour, corn starch, powdered sugar, wood and coal dusts can be just as hazardous. So when a vocational school in Southern California...
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Adding Heat to an Unheated Enclosure

Electrical anels had been installed in climates that saw temperatures well below 10°F for extended periods of time which was below the minimum operating temperature of the VFD. Since the panels were already in the field, the manufacturer wanted to find a solution that wouldn’t require the transformer to be increased. In addition, their panels...
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Heating a Sports Stadium

At a new major league baseball stadium in Washington, DC, after careful consideration the decision was to use Indeeco electric heaters not only for permanent heating but also for temporary heat during construction. Outdoor Sports Stadiums offer unique challenges to HVAC designers to satisfy heating and cooling requirements. That include outdoor to office, luxury box...
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Theories of Radiant Panel Heating

All heat sources produce radiant energy. Radiant energy is transmitted through air in the form of electromagnetic waves. Unlike forced air heating systems that depend on heating the air, radiant energy does not require forced air to heat a space. Radiant energy travels in straight lines from the source and when electromagnetic waves come in...
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Advanced Temperature Control Systems

SmartRooms™ Thermal Comfort System technology is specifically designed to control radiant heating to provide maximum comfort and energy-efficient operation. Now that you have made the decision to use Electric Radiant Heating your next question might be how can I provide the highest level of comfort and conserve energy. A standard wall mounted thermostat is designed...
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Optimizing the Electric Duct Heater

If your looking to design the best duct heater, Indeeco offer 5 quick tips to optimize the design and offer a more competitive heater. The following are a few tricks that you can use to optimize the electric duct heater design and provide a more competitive heater. ONE Duct heaters over 48 amps require built-in...
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