Electric Radient Panel Heating

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A school district decision to use Indeeco Electric Radiant Heating was driven by its physiology to provide the best environment for its students to learn it.

Located in a rapidly developing portion of southeastern Johnson County, in the center of the Kansas City metropolitan area, with more than 20,000 students and 31 schools, the Blue Valley School District is ranked in the top 2 percent of public school districts nationwide by Expansion Management Magazine. Providing all Blue Valley students with unprecedented academic success is at the heart of the Blue Valley School District’s mission.

  • Serves grades pre-K through 5
  • Estimated capacity: 600 students
  • 80,000 square feet

Design Requirements

“The Blue Valley School District and the consulting engineer considered the 100%
efficiency of electric heating, lower electric rates of 7.26¢ per kilowatt hour and the clean energy of electric heating to be the best choice” said Rex Mustain of Associated Air Products, Indeeco representative. Radiant panels offer the advantage of providing a superior solution to conventional heating methods. Radiant ceiling panels were required to provide heating above windows and to perimeter spaces.


A total of 229 Indeeco electric radiant panel heaters were furnished. There was a requirement for eight (8) specially size 14” wide by 48” long panels which was not a problem due the flexible offering of the Indeeco panel. The balance of the panels were 24” by 24” and 24” by 48”. The panels were installed into a suspended T-bar ceiling.

Indeeco Advantages

“The whole order process from bid to submittals when very smoothly” said Rex. The Blue Valley School District is committed to using electric heat and will be presently surprised by the benefits of electric radiant heating. The flexible offering of the Indeeco radiant panels combined with the advance control systems that have been recently introduced will make using electric radiant panel heating easy, economical and provide a total comfort solution. If you are looking for LEED accreditation the Indeeco radiant electric panels can help you gain points for your project.

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