• Compact Explosion-proof Unit Heater

    Indeeco’s Compact explosion-proof unit heater is designed with both size and economy in mind. The COMPACT design offers the most economical solution for heating small Class I, Group D hazardous areas. It is a cost effective alternative to the use of explosion-proof convection heaters.

  • Custom Explosion-proof Duct Heaters

    Wider range of sizes than available in the other two designs, Vertical airflow, Ratings up to 750 KW, 600 volts

  • Explosion-proof Convector

    Indeeco’s explosion-proof convector is designed to provide a heavy duty and corrosion resistant heat source.

  • Series EP2 Explosion-proof Duct Heaters

    cCSAus Approved for Class I, Division 2 locations where a hazardous gas is occasionally present, Ignition temperatures as low as 392°F (200°C), For ducts up to 240” (610 cm) wide by 120” (305 cm) high, Ratings up to 1000 KW, 600 volts

  • Ultra-Safe™ EXP Explosion-proof Unit Heater

    Our most popular and versatile construction has a broad range of stock designs, special options and the industry’s lowest Ignition Temperature Code rating, 320°F (160°C).

  • Ultra-Safe™ Explosion-proof Duct Heaters

    cCSAus Approved for virtually all Class I and Class II, Division 1 and 2 hazardous gas or dusty atmospheres, Ignition temperatures as low as 320°F (160°C) ,Six standard sizes to fit a wide range of ducts, Ratings up to 240 KW, 600 volts

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