Switchgear Heating Solutions

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A leading global manufacturer of switchgear enclosures and equipment was having issues with condensation inside their enclosures, and they needed a solution to resolve the issue and protect the electrical components from “shorting out”. They needed to figure out a way to maintain an internal ambient temperature that would prevent condensation, without substantially raising the cost of their equipment. They realized that heating the enclosure was the solution, so they called upon Indeeco to help them find the right product. Indeeco already had a stock product that was the right fit for this issue, the HX Series Enclosure Heater.

Indeeco recommended installation of two low wattage Enclosure heaters in each of the cable and circuit breaker compartments for indoor and outdoor switchgears.

Enclosure heaters are used to raise the temperature in the enclosure by supplementing the heating naturally present in energized equipment.

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