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Indeeco Electric Storage Tank Heaters are used to maintain or raise the temperature of gases and fluids in tanks from -300°F to 1000°F for a variety of applications and industries.

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Standard Features

These heaters are designed with low watt density, open coil heating elements for uniform heating of even the most temperature sensitive materials. The open coil heating element consists of heavy gauge nickel-chromium alloy wire supported by ceramic insulators that are fastened to a strip of heavy sheet metal. The open coil heating element can be replaced without draining the tank.

The heating elements are installed in 3″ NPS pipes of sufficient wall thickness to prevent the pipe from distorting from the heat generated. Multiple pipes are provided as required. The heater is mounted to the tank by one of three methods: ANSI flange mount, adapter box mount or with a custom rectangular flange.

Additionally this style heater often features built-on controls for a complete heater system.

Cartridge Type Defrost Heaters

Our full range of offerings include:

  • ANSI flange mounted heaters
  • Adapter box mounted heaters
  • Rectangular flange mounted heaters
  • Open coil pipe insert heaters
  • Controls

Use our Closed Tank Heating Calculator to determine your specific needs.


Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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