Component Heating Elements

Indeeco offers many types of component heaters to the Marine Industry as well as replacement heating elements for Indeeco duct type heaters. These components are unique to Marine application as they are designed and fabricated in-house to meet your needs.

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MIL-SPEC Finned Tubular Elements

These hermetically sealed elements have Monel sheath and fins, continuously brazed together, to meet the most rigorous Navy requirements. Qualified to MIL-H-22594 and MIL-PRF-22594 they are available in straight or bent configurations.

Tubular/Finned Tubular Elements

Tubular and finned tubular elements for general use are available to meet your specifications. UL recognized per Standard 1030, File #E78533. Options include many different terminations, insulators, seals, bending configurations and mounting assemblies.

Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

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