M & S Series Power Controllers

Indeeco M & S Series power controllers are solid-state, zero-cross fired, proportional devices. Line voltage is switched 0-100% linearly, with respect to the input range. A 4 second time-base controls power to the load. For example, a 5VDC signal to a 0-10VDC input will cycle the output full on for 2.0 seconds and full off for 2.0 seconds. Line voltage is used to power the electronics. An external transformer is not required.


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Standard Features

Proportional Control
Output is controllable from 0-100% of rated load.

Input Flexibility
Models are available with all standard ohmic, voltage, and milliamp inputs.

Packaged Units
Control and power units are packaged and pre-wired to reduce field labor costs.

High Ambient Rating
The units are rated to to 186°F ambient.

Built-in Transformer
Built-in transformer eliminates the need to wire the control board to a low voltage circuit.

Fail Safe Circuitry
Output is off if input leads are shorted or opened, except with contact closure option.

Isolated Heat Sink
Heat Sink is electrically isolated from line voltage.

Function Indicator
An LED indicator allows easy monitoring of system operation.

Transient Absorbers
All units are equipped with transient/surge absorbers (MOV’s).

Optical Isolation
Control circuit is optically isolated from the power circuit providing additional ground fault protection.

Vernier Control
Slave units can be used with Indeeco sequencers to obtain full vernier control.

Digital Display
All SCR’s can be used with RTD input providing digital display of the temperature. Eliminates the need for a separate temperature controller.


  • Storage Temperature: -40°F to 190°F
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 132°F
  • UL Recognized: File E52105 Guide XAPX2
  • Isolation: 2500 Vrms input to output
  • Isolation: 2500 Vrms output to heatsink
  • Line Voltage: +/- 10% of AC Voltage rating
  • Frequency: 47 to 63 Hertz, sinewave only
  • Load Current: 0.5A to Max Current rating
  • Load Wire Range: 2 – 18 AWG, copper only
  • Input Impedance: 250Ω (mA), 47KΩ (VDC)
  • Input Wire Range: 16 -22 AWG, copper only
  • Slave Input: 3.0 – 12 VDC, 270KΩ impedance
  • UL Type 4X with option “W” gaskets
  • Panel gasket and screw shipped loose


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