UHLP Series

Low profile style plenum heaters are the perfect choice for low clearance applications in ceilings and floors. Available in wattages from 5kW to 18kW.

Indeeco’s low profile plenum heaters are the perfect choice for low clearance applications in ceilings and floors


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Standard Features

20 Guage galvanized cabinet
Rugged construction for long lasting durability.

Variable speed motor
Factory set at maximum. Motor can be field adjusted to increase heat rise.

Acoustically insulated
Insulated with 1″ of fiberglass insulation for noise reduction.

Easy access to controls
Access panels on bottom of unit

24V Controls
Low voltage Class 2 control circuit with built-in over current secondary protection.

Disconnect switch
Door interlocking disconnect rated at a minimum of 125% of the total electrical load and shall have single point electrical connection for the unit.

Terminal blocks
Clearly marked terminals for power and control circuits.

Dust tight enclosure
Control enclosure is dust tight

Airflow switch
Pressure differential airflow switch prevents heater operation unless air is flowing.

Safety controls
Automatic primary limit control and secondary fuse link.

Filter rack
Filter rack on inlet with throw away filter.

Inlet and outlet screens and duct connection
To prevent accidental contact with internal mechanical and electrical components. Unit designed for duct mounting with 0.2 – 0.7 inches of discharge static pressure.

Performance Features

Wattages up to 18 kW

Voltages up to 480V / 3PH

CFM ranges from 170 to 1500

One and two stage performance

Optional Features

Wall thermostat, unit thermostat or SSR control which proportionally regulates heat output.

Left hand connection
Left hand connection in place of standard right.


Low Clearance Ceilings

Low Clearance Floors

Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

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