Series EP2 Explosion-proof Division 2 Duct Heaters

Here at Indeeco we have Series EP2 Explosion-proof Division 2 Duct Heaters, let’s check them out!

Standard Construction Galvanized Sheet Metal Frame includes external duct flanges for field mounting, an element terminal enclosure with control and safety components in an integral cast aluminum explosion-proof box.

Three Levels of Safety are provided on every heater:

-automatic reset thermal cutouts

-manual reset thermal cutouts

-airflow interlock with either a fan relay or pressure differential airflow switch

The automatic reset cutout, wired into the control circuit is the primary over-temperature protection. The manual reset operates a separate backup magnetic contactor, independent of the primary over-temperature circuit. The fan interlock relay prevents the heater from being energized unless the fan starter is on.

Our Standard Built-in Control Package includes the following components mounted in a cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure:

  • De-energizing control and backup magnetic contactors.
  • 24 volt control circuit transformer.
  • Fan relay for heater/fan airflow interlock. Supplied with 120V or 24V coil to match the fan starter.
  • Terminal blocks for field power and control wiring.Grounding terminal.
  • Supplemental fusing for heaters drawing more than 48 amps. Industrial Grade Heating Elements, built by Indeeco, are .475″ (1.21 cm) diameter to provide extra insulation between the coil and sheath for high voltage protection. Stainless steel fins are helically wound onto the stainless steel sheath to increase the heat transfer area.

Control Options Two standard control options are available:

Staged Control – Either single or multi-staged through a step controller, which may be built-in or remotely mounted.Solid-State SCR Control – When temperature must be controlled precisely, built-in SCR’s are recommended. They are furnished with field-selected inputs of 2200 ohms, 135 ohms, 0-10 VDC, or 4-20 mA. SCR’s have zero-cross firing to eliminate radio frequency interference.

Complete installation instructions are furnished with each heater. The following are some guidelines:

  • The heater must be attached to external duct flanges.
  • The heater must be adequately supported. If the duct flanges will not afford enough support, use overhead hangers for additional support.
  • Airflow must be horizontal.
  • Minimum of four (4) feet of straight unobstructed duct before and after the heater. Transitions can be used to reduce the duct sizes or adapt from round duct work.

Indeeco’s attention to detail and rigorous testing give worldwide customers premium products.

Whatever your heating needs are, Indeeco can meet them. Indeeco has been in business for over 85 years and our innovations are reflected in our heating solutions.

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