Custom Duct Heaters

Indeeco has a wide array of custom duct heaters available for all your heating needs. Our heaters and controls range from the simplest standard duct heater to the most sophisticated, custom designed comprehensive system. Indeeco’s attention to detail and rigorous testing give worldwide customers premium products.

-Multi-Zone or Dual Duct Heaters: These heaters are designed for installation inside multi-zone or dual duct air conditioning equipment, where the airflow is highly variable and unevenly distributed. New Call-to-action

– Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units: To serve the fast moving and very competitive VAV market, Indeeco has developed a fully computerized design and construction system which enables us to ship substantial volumes of heaters in a wide variety of sizes, ratings and control options quickly. This system was patterned after our methods of designing and producing standard duct heaters, modified to solve the problems unique to the VAV industry. Slip-and-drive sheet metal connections, control packages tailored to VAV systems, and special techniques for fan interlocks are some of the features designed for this market.

– Marine Duty: Only Indeeco offers a UL Listed duct heater which is also ABS Approved and meets U.S. Coast Guard Requirements for shipboard use.

– Railway and Subway Applications: Tough rail car industry standards have been developed to overcome the severe vibration, shock, high operating voltages and voltage swings routinely encountered. For more than 30 years, Indeeco has built heaters to meet these standards, using heavy gauge corrosion resistant steel frames and oversized coil and terminal support bushings.

– Duct Heaters for Wet, Dusty and Corrosive Areas: Indeeco offers a wide selection of custom built electric duct heater designs for outdoor, wet, dusty and corrosive areas. Typical applications include use with roof top air handling equipment, in wash down areas such as food processing plants, wet and humid spaces near indoor swimming pools, and marine or casino boat applications including shipboard use.

Whatever your heating needs are, Indeeco can meet them. Indeeco has been in business for over 85 years and our innovations are reflected in our heating solutions.

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