Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

Indeeco can meet your needs across a wide range of variables for pipe thread heaters ranging from 1″ to 3″ NPT. You can order from stock, or customize for your specific application and utilize our FastTack program for most designs. Features of Indeeco screw plug immersion heaters include:

  • Element bends repressed uniformly to insure electrical insulation integrity.
  • One piece forging of hex, thread and riser assures reliability.
  • Element spacers prevent hot spots.
  • Bussing is permanent and encapsulated in epoxy seal.
  • UL CSA label furnished on all standard copper, stainless steel and Incoloy sheathed heaters, NEMA Type 1, 4 and 4x environments.

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Standard Features

Tubular Elements
Welded or silver soldered into a hex head pipe thread fitting. Elements have 80/20 nickel-chromium resistance coils centered in a heavy gauge metal tube surrounded by magnesium oxide insulation. Through rolling, the magnesium oxide is packed to a rock-like density for rapid heat transfer from the coil to the sheath

Pipe Thread Fittings
Forged brass fittings, silver soldered to the sheath, are furnished as standard with copper sheathed heaters. Steel and stainless steel sheathed elements are welded into fittings of like material.

Available in NEMA 1, 4, 4X, and 7 terminal enclosures


Built-In Thermostats
Provide automatic temperature control without the necessity of installing a separate well for the thermostat bulb in the field and making electrical connections between the heater and control.

Element Spacers
Made from Type 304 stainless steel to maintain a uniform distance between elements, thus preventing hot spots.

Epoxy Seals
A moisture-resistant seal where fluid temperatures do not exceed 250° F.


Water Heating

Oil Heating

Air Heating

Heat Transfer Systems

Food Processing

Boiler Equipment

Parts Washing Tanks

Closed Tank Heating

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