Over-the-Side Heaters

Indeeco Over-the-Side heaters are designed to provide the maximum in application flexibility and to minimize installation cost. They are ideal for jobs where easy installation and quick replacement or cleaning must be accomplished without emptying the tank.


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Standard Features

Sludge Leg Spacers
To prevent burnouts from spot overheating and to keep elements out of sludge that normally collects in the bottom of the tank. Standard legs are 1-1/2” high; lengths up to 4” are available at no extra charge.

Reinforced Risers
To strengthen the joint between the riser and element junction box. Gussets are welded to the box and riser to provide this reinforcement.

Extension Arm
To place outlet box 6” away from riser and process tank, preventing damage to electrical connections due to evaporation. Longer arms are available at a nominal additional charge.

Liquidproof Outlet Box
Protects electrical connections from wash downs, splashing and dripping. Standard on all heaters.

Heaters have welded joints, pressure tested before assembly.

Operating Temperatures
Standard heaters are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 250° F. Contact factory for higher temperature applications.

Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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