Standard Bolt Heaters

Indeeco Bolt Heaters are used to preheat large, hollow holding bolts or studs where a high concentration of heat is critical for bolt expansion in a short period of time. As an insertion type unit, the bolt heater is widely used in the manufacture and servicing of heavy duty steam or other pressure equipment. It is also used to heat die blocks and large platens and to expand adjust-ing bolts on mechanical or hydraulic presses.

In general, most applications at-tempt to produce an expansion (or stretch) of .0015 inches per inch of length on alloy bolts. This will produce a bolt stress of 45,000 psi at the root of the thread. The portion of the bolting member to be heated, excluding threads, is usually approximately 65% of the total length.

  • Fast response, large bolts can be heated to full expansion in 15-30 minutes
  • May be used in multiples, for uniform heating of matching bolts

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Standard Features

Alloy sheath swaged tubular construction

Grade “A” magnesium-oxide filled and swaged

80/20 Nickel chrome alloy resistance wire

Standard 4” octagon electrical enclosure, with knock-outs for easy wiring

Insulating handle

Wide range of standard (stock) diameters and lengths

Optional Features

Special watt densities, wattages, lengths and diameters available Three conductor power leads and plug assemblies

Two conductor power leads with grounding clip and plug assemblies

Field-Installed Options

Replaceable element bolt heaters-feature cast boxes for convenient screw-in interchangeability

Flexible Bolt Heaters available


Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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