UCI Series Unit Heater

The UCI unit heater is designed for industrial and commercial applications with ratings up to 60 KW at 2,000 CFM.


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Standard Features

Large Capacity
Heavy-duty construction with ratings up to 60 KW at 2,000 CFM.

Control Options
Wide range of factory built-in or field-installed control options to meet job specifications.

Single Point Electrical Hook-up
Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit. Field connections and built-in controls are easily accessed in the side-mounted control compartment.

Discharge Direction
The UCI heater may be mounted horizontally using one of two brackets (supplied) or vertically using four threaded rods (not included).

Heating Elements
Industrial grade stainless steel tubular elements in 2-10 KW units and steel finned tubular elements in 15-60 KW units.

Cabinet is constructed of 18 and 20-gauge galvanized steel finished with durable almond polyester powder paint.

Outlet Grille
The outlet grille has individually adjustable louvers to direct airflow. A protective outlet mesh screen, provided on 2-30 KW heaters, allows for lower mounting heights.

Fan Motor
Totally enclosed, thermally protected motor with factory-lubricated ball bearings (except for 15 to 25 kW at 208/240V) operates at 58 dBA (2-10 kW), 67 dBA (15-30 kW) or 77 dBA (40-60 kW). Blow-through design reduces motor operating temperature for longer life.

Built-in Controls
Include 240/208 volt control circuit (with transformer if necessary), automatic reset thermal cutout, fan override and factory-installed contactor. Power fusing is supplied for heaters over 48 amps.

Mounting Bracket
Wall and ceiling bracket provided with each unit under 40 KW for horizontal mounting. 40-60 KW heaters furnished with four corner support brackets for ceiling mounting.

Installation Requirements
For best performance, do not install unit heaters above recommended maximum mounting heights of 2-10 KW, 8-feet; 15-30 KW, 10-feet; 40-60 KW, 15-feet. All but 40-60 KW heaters can be installed at lower mounting heights. Minimum height for 40-60 KW heaters is 8-feet. Maximum ambient room temperature for proper operation is 85°F. These units are not for residential use in the United States.

Factory Built-in Options

  • Three Pole Contactor
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Fusing
  • Manual Reset
  • 24V Relay
  • 24V Relay with Transformer
  • Thermostat
  • Fan “on” Switch
  • 120V Control, fused secondary and grounded

Field-Installed Options

Shipped loose for field installation into heater.

  • Diffuser cone
  • Thermostat Kit
  • Relay Kit
  • Relay Kit with Transformer


Clear Universal Thermostat Guard
Protects both line and low voltage thermostats against vandalism, damage, and unauthorized adjustment of thermostat settings.


  • Line Voltage Thermostats
  • Low Voltage Thermostats



Mechanical Rooms





Closed Tank Heating

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