IUH Series Industrial Unit Heater

Indeeco’s industrial unit heater is designed for maximum heating performance in non-hazardous and non-corrosive environments.


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Standard Features

Unique Design
Round design of the industrial unit heater provides uniform airflow over the elements to prevent hot spots and ensure even discharge temperatures. Circular stainless steel finned tubular elements have a longer life due to lower operating temperatures.

Built-in Controls
Heaters are completely assembled with all electrical components built-in at the factory to reduce installation costs.

Improved Performance
High CFM’s and air throw up to 50 feet promote air circulation within the space. More uniform temperature increases comfort levels and helps to eliminate cold spots.

Single Point Electrical Hook-up
Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit.

Heating Elements
Industrial grade, Type 304 stainless steel finned tubular elements, manufactured by Indeeco.

Heating elements and motor are enclosed in a round, 16-gauge galvanized steel enclosure which has a beige powder coat finish for durability.

Inlet & Outlet Grilles
Inlet grille complies with OSHA requirements for fan blade guard. Outlet grille has 45° angled louvers to direct airflow.

Fan Motor
Motor is UL Recognized with built-in thermal protection.

Built-in Controls
Include main control magnetic contactor, control voltage transformer, automatic reset thermal cutout and fan thermostat.

Mounting Bracket
Wall mounting bracket with single point suspension allows the heater to rotate a full 360°.


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