AS Series Radiant Ceiling Panels

AS Series radiant panels are ideal for offsetting heat loss through exterior glass on the perimeter of a building. They help to control the problem of condensation typically found with these large exterior glass walls. Radiant panels provide improved comfort by maintaining an even temperature from floor to ceiling.

  • Radiant Heat: Radiant energy travels in straight lines and is absorbed by objects in the room, warming the space. Air quality is maintained because no forced air movement occurs with radiant heating.
  • Maximize Work Area: Ceiling mounted panels permit full use of floor and wall space.
  • Maintenance Free: Radiant panels have no moving parts, so they are maintenance free and can provide years of quiet, safe and clean operation.

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Standard Features

Heating Element
High quality alloy resistance wire is electrically insulated with a UL Listed TEFZEL® compound rated for 200°C (392°F). Heating wires are covered with high-efficiency reflective foil.

Panel Design
Panel is made of 22-gauge galvanized steel with a white baked-on powder paint finish. Panel is crimped, not riveted, for improved strength.

Each panel contains two inches of high temperature/ high density mineral wool insulation.

A junction box is attached to each panel for field wiring and to connect panels to each other.

Installation Requirements
Heater can be installed in suspended T-bar ceiling systems or can be surface or recessed mounted using optional mounting frames.

Heater comes equipped with four suspension clips. Connecting wire or chain is supplied by customer.

Minimum recommended mounting height is eight feet from the floor.

Rough In Dimensions
Plaster Mounting Frames:

  • PF-22: 24-3/16” x 24-3/16”
  • PF-24: 24-3/16” x 48-3/16”
  • PF-1448: 14-3/16” x 48-3/16”
  • PF-1460: 14-3/16” x 60-3/16”

Note: For steel frame structures order a sample frame to ensure your openings are accurate

Factory Built-in Options

  • 48” Flexible conduit
  • Silicone seams, provides protection in high moisture areas. Includes 36” of sealtite conduit.
  • Tegular reveal edge detail of 15/16” grid.
  • Fineline Tegular reveal edge for 9/16” grid.

Field-Installed Options

Shipped loose for field installation into heater.

  • Surface Mounting Frames
  • Plaster Mounting Frames
  • Filler Panel


  • Specify custom color finish.
  • Standard finish; textured white baked-on powder coating on front panel.
  • 304 Stainless steel construction, includes 36” of sealtite conduit and silicone seal.
  • 316 Stainless steel construction, includes 36” of sealtite conduit and silicone seal.
  • Silk screen to match acoustical ceiling tiles
  • One time set-up fee if pattern is not in stock.

Control Options

  • SmartRooms low voltage controller
  • Plaster ring for SR-LV controller
  • Box ring for SR-240/120 controller
  • SmartRooms Panel


Remote Wall Mounted Thermostat

  • Line Voltage



Enclosed Walkways







Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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