Series M&S Power Controllers


The M&S Series can be used to replace earlier models of H&J Series and D&E Series power controllers. Contact the factory for additional information and cross-referencing. M&S Series power controllers are solid-state, zero-cross fired, proportional devices. Line voltage is switched 0-100% linearly, with respect to the input range. A 4 second time-base controls power to the load. For example, a 5VDC signal to a 0-10VDC input will cycle the output full on for 2.0 seconds and full off for 2.0 seconds. Line voltage is used to power the electronics. An external transformer is not required.

Features of these controllers include an LED to indicate when the output should be on. Also, the output will be shut off if the input signal is disconnected or the input is shorted. Masters can operate alone or can drive numerous slaves to control multiple loads. Slaves can be driven from other controllers with a pulsing-DC type output.


  • UL Recognized Type 4X
  • Zero-cross fired SCR’s proportional control
  • Standard inputs; 2200 ohm, 135 ohm, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC
  • Rated up to 600VAC, 70 amps, single or three phase
  • Master and slave units can be combined for higher amperages
  • Through-panel and weatherproof mounting
  • Heatsink and inputs electrically isolated from high voltage
  • Built-in transformer powers the control electronics

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