Mercury Abatement Heaters, by: Matthew Guillot

The Challenge

Mercury is in a lot of byproducts of flue-gas emissions from industrial production. Since mercury is extremely poisonous every effort to remove it from processes is needed to keep our environment safe.

The Solution

Indeeco is able to produce industrial finned tubular process air heaters that heat the carbon to improve its absorption rate.

Built out of 304 stainless steel to combat corrosion from the mercury the elements are removable with brass fittings to aid in replacement. Once the activated carbon is heated to 150°F (temperature may change due to specific system requirements) it is able to absorb more mercury from the flue-gas and then is safely discarded once it has achieved the end of its useful life. Our heaters are controlled with full SCR functions to cycle the heater(s) and achieve the best set point and function.

The Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Cleaner energy

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