Electric Wall Heater vs. Cabinet Unit Heater

Warming up an area not connected to a central heating system usually involves using either a wall heater or a cabinet unit heater. Deciding between using a wall heater or a cabinet unit heater usually comes down to these three things:

  • Size of the space where the heater will be used
  • Amount of space in the room that can be dedicated to the heater
  • Limit on how much you want to spend


For large areas, a cabinet heater would usually be the best choice since they typically have a bigger capacity to produce warm air in a relatively short amount of time. The technology used in electric wall heaters has progressed to the point that a large wall heater can put out the same amount of heat as a traditional cabinet heater. This ends up being extremely useful for property managers and contractors since it gives you more heating options.

Size Limitations

In some smaller areas, every square foot of space needs to be utilized as efficiently as possible in order to get the most use out of the room. Most electric wall heaters have a very thin profile which will free up floor space, and not protrude far from its position on your wall. A cabinet heater will take up significantly more floor space due to the way the internal components are designed, which has not changed significantly in quite some time.


On average, a wall heater is going to cost less than a cabinet heater which runs at close to the same amount of wattage. Depending on the exact model and brand you decide to go with, you could end up paying less than a comparable cabinet heater model would cost you, and end up getting the space saving benefits of a wall mount, with the same CFM output.

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