Marine Heaters

Indeeco has a long tradition of meeting the rigorous service requirements for marine heaters. Since just after our founding in 1929, we have been supplying marine heaters custom-crafted to military specifications as well as the demanding needs of our commercial customers. We offer safe, reliable heaters for many naval and marine uses.

Marine Heaters

Our 240,000-square-foot facility devoted exclusively to the design and construction of marine heaters gives us unparalleled resources to meet every challenge:

  • Fluid Heating Equipment
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Vent Duct Heaters
  • Space Heating Equipment

We offer not only complete packages made to military or commercial specifications, we also offer component heating elements. When you tap into INDEECO’s deep bench of talent, you bring our experienced engineers, our separate electronic controls facility, and local sales support to your team.

Fluid Heating Equipment

We can manufacture circulation heaters and complete heater packages for water, oil and other fluids. You will find Indeeco circulation heaters at sea in all applications:

  • lubricants
  • hydraulic fluids
  • heavy fuel oils
  • radar dome jacket heaters
  • fresh water makers

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters for marine and naval use must withstand the harsh conditions of a life at sea, perform reliably, and be designed for continuous, safe operation. INDEECO offers small immersion heaters for galley use and specialized lubrication oil heaters that meet military specification MIL-H-24299.

  • Shock tested
  • Vibration tested
  • Explosion-resistant terminal boxes

Available in copper, copper/nickel, Incoloy, stainless steel or Monel 400, our immersion heaters withstand it all.

Vent Duct Heaters

At Indeeco we are scrupulous about control and controls, which is why we make our own Monel 400 finned tubular elements, fabricate our own sheet metal frames, and design and build our own electronic controls used in our vent duct heaters.

We can provide you with heaters meeting rigorous military specifications (MIL-H-22594A and MIL-PRF-22594C) or commercial needs. From small half-kilowatt units up to 122.4 KW units, INDEECO is your source for corrosion-resistant vent duct heaters that give you maximum installation flexibility and control options.

Space Heating Equipment

Whether you need convectors built to military specifications (NAVSEA document #59512-BS-MMA-010) or high-quality TRIAD® equipment that can be repeatedly hosed down without fear of degradation, INDEECO is here to help with marine heaters:

  • UL listed
  • Meeting Coast Guard requirements
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved

Commercial options include the non-metallic NEMA-4X enclosure and stainless steel construction for the worst marine environments. MIL-SPEC options include sloped top convectors and turret heaters.

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