Indeeco’s Circulation Heater

The use of specialty, industrial circulation heaters has grown dramatically in the past two decades. Most notably, circulation heaters are used in the petrochemical industry for refining crude into gasoline and other byproducts, the nuclear power industry for precise control of coolant and other fluids as well as in the chemical industry for effectively cleaning their pipe works.

While Indeeco circulation heaters are affordable to both acquire and operate, they also provide a range of other notable benefits including these:

Controlled, Even Temperatures – Noted for the efficiency with which they smoothly transfer heat to almost any medium without affecting the surrounding environment, Indeeco circulation heaters provide a thermostatically controlled heat in the 60-250°F range that is accurate to within a single degree. In addition, the vessel is rated to withstand up to 160 psi at 250°F.

Corrosion Resistance – The vessels themselves are insulated stainless steel with a galvanized jacket while the heating elements employ Incoloy sheathed and NEMA Type 1 terminal enclosures. These facts mean that the system is tougher and more corrosion resistant than the other elements in your pipeline making Indeeco’s circulation heater the industrial appliance of choice for the chemical cleansing of your system.

Ease of Installation – Whether manufactured to heat water, oil, chemicals, or gases, Indeeco heaters are specifically designed to fit into your space requirements and to meet your needs. Installation is usually just a matter of dropping the unit into the assigned space, bolting it into place and making the appropriate connections.

Ease of Maintenance – The interior of an Indeeco heater’s vessel is self-cleaning when used in a standard chemical cleaning process. In addition, all of its electronic parts are located on the outside of the vessel. Only the heating elements are in direct contact with any substrate located in the vessel and they are designed for ease of replacement.

Our heaters have proven themselves in multiple industries for almost half a century. For more specific information on an Indeeco circulation heater or our complete line of other industrial heaters and equipment, please visit us online at or call us directly at 800-243-8162.


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