Oil Flushing in the Petrochemical Industry

Safety is of paramount importance in the petrochemical industry not only for the employees at the plant or refinery, but also for the end-user. Otherwise, a dangerous situation at a refinery could cause it to be shut down at a moment’s notice and cost significant amounts of time, effort and money to rectify. This single fact means that all of the process and industrial machinery in a refinery must be maintained to the highest possible standards.

In petrochemical plants, metal, and sometimes plastic piping is used extensively for transporting gaseous and liquid substances. The corrosive and combustible nature – as well as the high temperature and pressure in the line – of the substances being transported, however, often lead to a degradation in the viability of the pipeline. Accumulations of scale and other deposits eventually result.

Remedying this situation is somewhat problematic so petrochemical engineers resort to “oil flushing” to resolve the problem. This process relies on immersion heaters to create hot fluids which are then forced through the system at a very high rate of speed. Most contaminants are thus loosened and flushed from the system.

The result of a proper oil flushing is a petrochemical piping system that is less prone to leakage, on the one hand, and bursting due to blockage on the other. In short, the use of a timely oil flushing is integral to eliminating unpredictable and very costly shutdowns.

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