What’s the Difference Between Strip Heaters and Space Heater

There are so many different kinds of industrial heaters available for different applications.  At times it could be challenging understanding what heaters are suitable for certain industries.  Getting a concept of what heaters can accomplish for any industry’s needs is important.  Let’s go over the differences between a strip heater and a space heater.

Strip Heaters

Strip heaters are constructed out of a heating element, a sleeve or sheath, and mounting hardware.  Sometimes strip heaters are used as radiant heaters, in which case they may have fins to maximize surface area and heat transfer to the air.  They are often bolted or clamped onto objects or a solid surface such as a wall so they can contact heat over large areas.  These heaters are primarily used indoors, often for cabinet warming, baking ovens, and ovens used for vacuum dehydration.  They may also be used for moisture protection, used in winterizing and drying of equipment.  This type of heater can be very useful for lab equipment and even food packaging.

Strip heaters are used in many diverse industries and operations.  They are simple and low-cost to install, as well as, profitable for any budget.  These heaters are considered a wonderful practical and cost-effective solution.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are primarily meant to heat a smaller enclosed space, as opposed to a system like central heating or even a boiler.  Those systems evenly distribute heat throughout a structure using duct-work, pipes, and vents.

Before today’s architecture style and standards, space heaters only had the capacity to heat the rooms they were installed in. Modern buildings have a higher quality of insulation, plus sealed walls and ceilings that retain heat better.  With proper location, one industrial space heater can generate all the heat needs of a large space.  For the best results, it should be in the area where people primarily spend their time, ensuring a warmer and more comfortable environment.

There are three differences among space heaters:

  1. Conductive heaters are micathermic and electric space heaters. These systems generate heat with the help of heating elements, usually made of mica or a combination of nickel and chromium; that is extremely effective in converting electricity to heat.
  2. Radiant heaters use a liquid such as diathermic oil and circulate it through a series of connected pipes to create heat rapidly.  Fuel-oil heaters use propane gas or other fuels and great to use during electrical outages.
  3. Convection heaters that create heat by heating air that is in contact with one or two elements.  These are slow heat creating but the heat does last for a long time, and they are relatively quiet while functioning.  Some use fans to circulate the heat in the room.

Whatever the type of industry it is, it is good to understand what will be a suitable solution to the need of heat.  If you would like to learn more about the differences between strip and space heaters or what may be a great fit for your industry, visit http://indeeco.com/.


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