Understanding Infrared Heaters

If you are considering an infrared heater, it is important to understand how it will work and if it is the right choice for you. In this article we are going to ensure you understand what infrared heat is, how infrared heaters works, and the difference between an infrared heater and a space heater. Learn more now!

How infrared heat works

Infrared heating works similarly as the sun. Like the sun, infrared heat heats objects such as a human. Think of it this way, if you are standing in the sunshine on a sunny day you will feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, once you step into the

shade you don’t feel as much of the heat. Infrared heat works the same.

How infrared heaters work

Infrared heaters use elements or bulbs to produce infrared light, a fan, and a heat exchanger such as copper. The bulbs heat up the exchanger and then the fan pushes the air through. The air is actually heated by the exchanger. This type of heating doesn’t remove moisture from the air instead it works with the air’s humidity to create a heavier, denser heat that can stay lower for longer which gives it more time to full up an area before rising.

Infrared vs space heaters

For a comparison to another type of heater, the space heater, one major factor (comparing two heaters with the same wattage) is the amount of square feet they are capable of heating. An infrared heater is able to heat a larger area than the standard conventional heater. This is because infrared heat utilizes the moisture in the air as discussed previously. The use of the humidity in the air makes it much more efficient than a traditional space heater.

A good visual of the difference is to think of a hair dryer. A hair drier puts out hot air in order to dry your hair. This is what a conventional heater like a space heater does. Basically both are frying all of the moisture in the air. The type of air created is hot and dry which rises very quickly compared to the infrared heat which keeps moisture in the air and takes more time to rise.

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